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Agaves Vilmoriniana,   All Sizes,   Wholesale Prices!
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6 To 8 Inch Succulents — $3.50 Each

Large Selection of beautiful Agave Plants For Sale shipped right to your door. We also include instuctions on proper care, watering and feeding. They arrive ready to plant in your garden, pots, or other purposes. Now at wholesale Prices! They are Uber Gorgeous and Super Low Maintenance! With a minimum order of $35 you will receive Ten 4" to 6" inch Live Plants with roots and instructions on growing and care. Nurseries and Home Improvement Stores have been selling them at very high prices normally around $14.95 for a 6 inch pot and $30 for an 10 inch pot and over $100 for a 10 gallon size. With regular watering your plants will be at the $100 size within 2 to 3 years. Our Agave Vilmoriniana (also known as Octopus Plants) have a Funky Style Texture and Shape. It is a succulent that produces giant rosettes of smooth wide green curvy leaves and is one of the few species without serrated edges or a spike on the tip or the ends of the leaves. They are extremely versatile and can be grown indoors or outdoors, in sun or shade, in pots or garden beds. ( Please see pictures of Agave Plants on this page ). Because of their strong architectural shape and striking color they create a dramatic focal point in a modern landscape with their smooth wide foliage contrasting effectively with narrow or strappy leaved cordyline, yuccas and grasses. The contrast of the green foliage against your other desert garden plants brings modern landscapes to life. Agave are perhaps the hardiest and most reliable of all the modern landscape plants. Add these to your desert landscaping and see a perfect balance of color and shape. Grow them in sun or shade almost any soil as long as it is not swampy. They will survive and grow even if you forget to water them for 6 weeks in summer! You will be amazed how much an octopus can grow in a single summer if they are regularly watered. Vilmoriniana are hard to find in nurseries because they are slow to reproduce from cuttings. An Agave plant will grow for many years before it matures. Once it matures, it grows a long 10 to 12 foot arching stalk with a striking flower that is densely covered with cream/white flowers at the end that looks like a giant Q-Tip. The yellow flower eventually will turn into hundreds of baby plant sprouts. We recently had this happen and as a result we now are able to offer a plentiful supply at prices that allow everybody to fill their pots and garden bed with as many as their hearts desire. These beautiful desert plants are gaining immense popularity due to their unique look and ability to handle long periods of dryness. This hardy succulent plant forms tight rosettes of pale green fleshy leaves and develop thick woody stems. Agaves are ideal for mass plantings, containers and features and is a great foliage accentor with plants such as Yuccas, Cordylines, Flaxes and Succulents. They will grow well in full sun, however maximum growth and expansion are acquired when grown in morning sun and afternoon shade or in dappled shade with good soil and adequate water. The survival rate for these guys has been an average of 95 % successful. Fertilize every 6 months with time release fertilizer.

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Please Note: The shipping cost for 5 to 10 plants is estimated at $10.
Twenty plants or more is estimated at $15 for shipping. This is an ESTIMATE only, and the actual shipping cost may be higher or lower. Seed orders will be charged actual priority shipping ($5 minimum).

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